True Story People Who Tried Become Animals

Teen Werewolves

Photo: YouTube

Adolescence is tough, and when you’re in high school, it can be hard to find friends. Wolfie Blackheart solved this problem by forming a pack of teen werewolves to howl at the moon in between studying for algebra tests. The teens hang out at the mall wearing fake tails, fangs, and colored contacts that make their eyes look more canine.

Werewolf packs are a trend in many San Antonio, Texas, high schools, each consisting of around 12 to 20 teen pups. Says one werewolf, “The pack, we’re family.”

Though the teens insist they are harmless, Blackheart got into trouble recently when she was found in possession of the skull of a neighbor’s dog that had gone missing. Though she admits to having decapitated the dog and cleaned its skull, she claims the dog was dead when she found it. She would never harm a canine, she explains, because she is one herself.

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