True Story People Who Tried Become Animals

Shyanne the Pony Woman

Shyanne the Pony Woman is listed (or ranked) 12 on the list True Stories of People Who Actually Tried to Become Animals

Photo: YouTube

Forty-year-old Australian web designer Leanne (who answers to “Shyanne” when she’s in pony form) dresses as a pony while pulling her friend Grace in a custom-made trap. She wears fake hooves, a tail, reins, a bit, and a skintight rubber jumpsuit – one of her pony outfits with all its gear can cost more than $10,000. She is currently working on building human-sized stables in her backyard.

Leanne, who suffers from shyness in her human form, explains, “When I’m in pony gear I feel freer. It’s about who you are. I become me.”

Perhaps her shyness is alleviated by the fact that when she has a bit in her mouth, she can’t talk.

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