The Worst Human Stampedes

1896 Khodynka Tragedy

1896 Khodynka Tragedy is listed (or ranked) 23 on the list The Worst Human Stampedes

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A celebration of the crowning of Tsar Nicholas II in Moscow turned horrific after a stampede at Khodynka Field. A crowd of around 500,000 people had gathered to receive gifts from the new Tsar, including lavish food and beer. Rumors began to spread about the gathering running out of beer, as well as some of the cups being used actually containing gold coins.

A large, unorganized police force pushed back against the teeming crowd, and a panic broke out. In the ensuing stampede, thousands of people were trapped in a ditch in the field, and 1,300 people were killed. The Tsar was soon criticized for a tone deaf response, preferring the celebration to continue rather than risk more disruption – a breach of trust that started the long road to the Revolutions of 1917.

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