The Worst Human Stampedes

1982 Luzhniki Disaster

1982 Luzhniki Disaster is listed (or ranked) 14 on the list The Worst Human Stampedes

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An October 1982 match between Soviet soccer team FC Spartak Russia and Dutch team HFC Haalem at Lenin Stadium (now called¬†Luzhniki Staduim) had so few attendees that security measures weren’t implemented. At the end of the game, Spartak fans were filing out, believing they were about to win 1-0. Spartak scored a second goal, and the departing fans, hearing the roar of the crowd, turned around to go back in. Some reports say a woman then lost her shoe, causing a bottle neck, and with fans going both ways and unable to move, a panic broke out. At least 66 fans, mostly young men, were killed – but the number might be as high as 340.

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