The Greatest Spider-Man Storylines in Comics

Maximum Carnage

Maximum Carnage is listed (or ranked) 17 on the list The Greatest Spider-Man Storylines in Comics

Story found in:
Spider-Man Unlimited #1 and 2, Web of Spider-Man #101-103, The Amazing Spider-Man #378-380, Spider-Man #35-37, The Spectacular Spider-Man #201-203This is a gigantic, 14 part, multi-title spanning, fan favorite epic storyline. The very short version of the story is that Carnage (Venom’s offspring) escapes from Ravencroft, assembles a team of psychopaths, and begins mass murdering people at random. Spider-Man teams up with Venom, Captain America, and a host of other superheroes to take them down. It’s big, it’s exciting, and it’s Carnage at his best.

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