The Greatest Spider-Man Storylines in Comics

Spider-Man is one of the most ubiquitous¬†figures in pop culture. He’s everywhere. Comics, TV shows, movies, video games. You name it. You can go to almost any country in the world, show somebody¬†the Spider-Man mask, and they’ll know exactly who it is. How did Peter Parker and Spider-Man get to this amazing place in the world? What makes Marvel’s Spider-Man so special? What are the best Spider-Man comics storylines for new webhead fans to get into?

Well, for starters, the writing of the Spider-Man books is part of what makes his stories so iconic. Spider-Man is the everyman hero. He’s not Superman with his invincibility and alien heritage, he’s not the brooding, billionaire Batman, and he’s not a mutant either. No, he’s that nerdy guy in science class trying to use his powers responsibly. “With great power comes great responsibility” as they say in the pages of Marvel Comics.

Which Spider-Man stories have most shaped this spectacular character? Did his impressive rogues gallery shape our beloved wallcrawler? The Green Goblin, Venom, Carnage, Doc Ock, Shocker, Electro, Lizard, and countless others assuredly played their parts in Spidey’s character formation. But what about his allies the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, or any of others he calls friends? Was it people closer to Peter Parker like Mary Jane Watson, Gwen Stacy, The Black Cat, or even his Aunt May? Who and what made Spider-Man the hero he is today?

Well, now is the time to take a look back. To remember Spider-Man’s greatest adventures, his greatest achievements, and those moments that shaped him: the best Spider-Man comic book stories. These are the best Spider-Man tales found in comic books, some of which have been adapted for Spider-Man movies and Spider-Man TV shows. Make sure to vote up all your favorite Spider-Man tales from Spider-Man comic book history.

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