The 7 Craziest Real-Life Monster Attacks

19 Year Old 500 Year Old Vampire Feeds on Texas Woman

19 Year Old 500 Year Old Vampi... is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list The 7 Craziest Real-Life Monster Attacks

A woman was in her apartment when she heard a noise, and like a good horror movie victim, she went to investigate. She was hit in the head by alleged “vampire” Lyle Bensley and was then forced against the wall by an assailant who then bit her on the neck. She somehow escaped and drove to a friend’s house where she called the police.
When they arrived at her apartment, they discovered Bensley in the parking lot completely unclothed except for his boxers, snarling and hissing. He led them on a chase, including scaling 2 fences, before they caught him.
While taking him to jail, Bensley told them that he was a 500 year-old vampire and needed to feed. He also insisted that he didn’t want to hurt anyone and wanted to be restrained while trying to bite the guards.
Reporters insist that Bensley is just a victim of mass media induced hallucinations, but most think that if he just had better taste in movies, all of this could have been avoided. The woman suffered very minor injuries and is totally fine. “I’ve dealt with some really strange people,” said Heyse. “You know, guys who think they’re Jesus and that. But I’ve never seen anything like this.”

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