The 7 Craziest Real-Life Monster Attacks

A Canadian Zombie Killer in Scotland

A Canadian Zombie Killer in Sc... is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list The 7 Craziest Real-Life Monster Attacks

Though they are more well known for their werewolves that roam the foggy glens and monsters in lochs, Scotland is not without their undead attacks. In July of 2011, 21 year-old Michael Davis was walking from one job to another when he was attacked by Canadian man, Tianh*i Zhan. Davis was stabbed multiple times by Zhan.
When tried, Zhan was found not guilty by means of insanity when he claimed that he killed Davis because he (Davis) was a zombie. This makes sense, though, because of course he was insane. Every sane person knows that in order to kill a zombie you go for the brain.
The High Court in Glasgow learned that Zhan had a history of mental problems and had been diagnosed in Canada with bipolar disorder with a psychotic feature, according to the BBC. He had stopped taking his anti-psychotic medication when he killed Davis, and he later told a forensic psychiatrist that he saw blood on peoples’ faces.
The jury learned that Zhan, who was born in China and lived in Toronto, left Canada last September to travel across Europe. He said that “voices” had urged him to go to Glasgow.

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