The 7 Craziest Real-Life Monster Attacks

A Werewolf in Texas

Photo: YouTube
Werewolves are known to roam the misty fields on a full moon, looking for prey to feast on, ever-changing and enigmatic. Unfortunately, with deforestation, they are being forced out of their native habitats. In this case, it seems that they have ended up in suburban San Antonio. And, most likely because of their lack of native habitat, they have become very sad, which is the only rational explanation for someone who claims to be an other-worldly badass creature looking like a reject from a My Chemical Romance tryout.

A photo surfaced on the internet of a bloody hand holding a decapitated dog’s head. It was traced to Sarah “Wolfie Blackheart” Rodriguez, a local “teen wolf.” When confronted about the picture she claims that a friend brought their dead dog to her and posted that photo, but she had nothing to do with it (other than holding it, of course). According to Wolfie, she would never hurt another dog, though that doesn’t keep her from taking huge knives to school (but still no cell phones allowed?)

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