The 10 Most Popular Videos on YouTube of 2016

10. Brothers Convince Little Sister of Zombie Apocalypse – Cabot Phillips


Getting your wisdom teeth pulled can be a painful and extremely traumatizing experience for some and none more so than Poor Millicent Phillips who thought her kind brother was just dropping her off and picking her up from the dentist’s surgery. Little did she know that her two brothers had a meticulously planned out prank, that even involved their mom, to convince poor Millicent of a coming zombie apocalypse.

Still hopped up on anesthetic, it’s clear their sister isn’t quite with it and when the radio broadcast they are listening to is interrupted by a fake news broadcast, this is when the fun begins. Rushing back to the house the second brother comes out with bags, gardening equipment as weapons and asks which pet they should bring which leaves Millicent screaming for her cat. Watch the full thing below:



After driving around for a little while and convincing their younger sibling that they are heading to Mexico, the brothers finally come clean but it certainly is a hilarious, if not incredibly cruel, way to live up your drive home from the dentist. With nearly 22 million views since April, this video really had many of us laughing.

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