8 TV Actors Who Turned Out Just Like Their Characters

Christopher Reeve / Dempsey Cain

Do you recall what you were doing May 25, 1995? Probably not watching the steamy HBO TV special and suspense-thriller Above Suspicion, written by one William H. Macy.

Christopher Reeve starred as a paralyzed cop plotting to murder his cheating wife (like ya do), played by Kim Cattrall. Reeve reportedly spent time at a rehabilitation hospital to research the role, learning how to use a wheelchair to get in and out of cars, mastering his craft and adding another notch to his belt of skills at the time (like pretending to fly faster than a speeding bullet without wincing).

The Real Christopher Reeve

The film was overshadowed by a miserable coincidence on May 27,1995 – just two days after the TV movie aired – when Reeve was thrown from a stubborn horse. He fell headfirst and shattered his first and second vertebrae, which paralyzed him from the neck down. And then rude stuff like this happened:

The most unfortunate and tragic coincidence on this list, Reeve’s paralysis exacerbated, and created, a series of conditions which eventually led to his death in October 2004.

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