8 TV Actors Who Turned Out Just Like Their Characters

David Duchovny / Hank Moody

Try as he might, the main character of the hit show “Californication,” novelist Hank Moody, just can’t keep it in his pants, which is no problem for “X-Files” fans still clinging to fantasies of nekkid Mulder. For five seasons of “Californication,” Hank’s unquenchable lust has been the one thing that’s kept him from achieving his creative potential – and from keeping his family together. It also got him into a pretty sticky situation at the end of the Season 5 finale.

The Real David Duchovny
It certainly made for a good headline: “Duchovny: Sex Addict Onscreen and Off.” In 2008, the actor released a statement that he checked into a treatment center to battle a longstanding sex addiction. Rumors for the trigger ranged from a history of alcoholism to an extramarital fling with a tennis instructor. After rehab, Duchovny returned to wife Téa Leoni and the couple’s two kids, though they’ve reportedly been separated since June 2011.

This probably means that Duchovny’s addiction, much like Hank Moody’s, is a lot of what’s standing in between him and ultimate happiness. The part could not have been cast better.

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