8 TV Actors Who Turned Out Just Like Their Characters

Charlie Sheen / Charlie Harper

Has there ever been a badder boy than Charlie Sheen? Trick question! Yes, but only one: His own alter ego, Charlie Harper.

According to my dad, who is the only person I know in real life to have ever actually watched “Two and a Half Men,” Harper is was “a man child who lacked touch with reality. He was into younger women, like a male cougar. But he was cool! …Did I already say sexual predator?” A playboy millionaire with too much of everything (money, time, self-esteem), Harper partied hard up until his final moments, when he fell in front of a train in Paris – or was pushed by a woman he had toyed with for years. It was only a matter of time.

The Real Charlie Sheen
What is there to say about Charlie Sheen that he hasn’t already said about himself? He has tiger blood and Adonis DNA, and he’s an F-16. It’s Charlie Sheen’s world, we all just live in it. He has snorted blow off the solid gold hoof of a unicorn. A real live unicorn. This is all true.

Much like his character Harper, though, Sheen gets into all kinds of trouble. The thing is: without the safety of a sitcom and a live studio audience, his actions actually come with little things called “consequences.”

Sheen has been arrested and sent in to rehab more times than Wikipedia even bothers to list. He has five children, three ex-wives, and two porn “star” ex-girlfriends (yes, they are now exes) who appeared with him in that 2011 interview when everyone found out that, yes, Emilio Estevez is the sane one.

Sheen’s loud mouth and ultra-ego eventually got him fired from the role that had once made him the highest-paid actor on television – but they allowed him to live with porn stars and be as much of a ladies’ guy as the character he played. And he didn’t even have to wear those trendy bowler shirts to do it in real life.

The only real difference between Sheen and his character – for now – is that Charlie Harper is dead.

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