5 Real Exorcisms That Went Horribly Worse

Irene Mbithe Performed a Lethal Exorcism on Her Newborn

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In early 2016, in Kenya, Irene Mbithe started to imagine demons were attempting to take her six-month-old son from her. She decided she would cast them on her own out of him. Neighbors recalled having heard her chanting and praying all night. What no one anticipated was the grotesque sight the following day.

In attempts to remove the evil from her son, she also removed his intestines and cut out his tongue. At the scene Irene was described as mistaken yet remorseful as she was photographed with the body of her dead six-month old wrapped in a sheet on her lap, insisting she never intended to hurt him: “God penalize me if I’ve done anything wrong to my son who I love so much and have prayed for many years to conceive and give birth to,” she said.

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