5 Real Exorcisms That Went Horribly Worse

Infant Amora Bain Carson Was Beaten to Death During an Exorcism

Infant Amora Bain Carson Was B... is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list 5 Real-Life Exorcisms That Went Horribly Wrong

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Amora’s mom, Jessica Carson, assumed the pair and also his states started keeping cash up to fund an exorcism to be performed. Unable to get the finances in no time, execute the exorcism last year and the pair decided to take concerns to their own hands. Milam’s idea of an exorcism was basically brutal, disgusting pain that he inflicted on the weak infant.

Milam blamed everything for the death they are able to consider. In the beginning, they stated they quit her property while they went along to the pawnshop (to pawn issues for her exorcism income), then it turned an alleged dog episode, and at one point an auto accident was charged for a few of her injuries. When in reality, Milam was a registered sex-offender and apparent psychopath who murdered (and sexually attacked) a-13-month-old child. Jessica Carson was sentenced alive in jail without parole, and Milam – the actual demon – was given the death sentence.

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