5 Real Exorcisms That Went Horribly Worse

Kristy Bamu Perished During an Exorcism on Christmas

Kristy Bamu Died During an Exo... is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list 5 Real-Life Exorcisms That Went Horribly WrongPhoto: Metropolitan Police/via BBC News

They were planning to spend Christmas with her boyfriend Eric Bikubi, 28, 29, and their sister Magalie Bamu. Rather than sticking up for her younger sibs, her boyfriend’s claims were considered by Bamu so that you can starve outside the devils, and they refused to let the kids eat or drink. They beat on the kids with metal conduits, ordering them to chant and pray.

The other siblings were forced to assist beat on Kristy or endure the exact same destiny. Among his sisters was found faking to beat on him, so Bikubi threatened her and induced a lightbulb. On the span of four days, put up with and Kristy was compelled to kneel floor tiles. His teeth smashed using a hammer and compelled him to drink pee. Tons of calls were made for their dad Pierre, as Kristy begged his dad but his dad didn’t consider him. He believed Bikubi was tender and kind and his son was exaggerating the scenario.

Around midday on Christmas Day, his sibs and Kristy were thrown to the bathroom to be purified. Kristy was too feeble to maintain his head above water and had endured 101 different harms. He drowned in the bathtub. Bikubi attempted to resuscitate him, but it had been too late, the lad was gone. Paramedics were greeted using a , bloodied flat that was awash; there were metal bars, weapons, and bloodstained chisels, pliers, and knives. Her boyfriend Eric Bikubi and Magalie Bamu happen to be jailed for life for Kristy’s homicide. Bikubi have been jailed for life for Kristy’s homicide.

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