5 Real Exorcisms That Went Horribly Worse

Anneliese Michel Starved to Death Through the Span of an Exorcism

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Then abruptly, she slowly started showing indications of epilepsy and became removed. She started seeing things (perhaps as a side effect in the drugs), and she promised she saw “devil faces.”

Anna Michel’s mental state started to deteriorate, the hallucinations developed worse, and she was showing signals of psychosis and schizophrenia. She was convinced that she was cursed” although she begged intensely, but shortly became terrified of sacred things and “would rot in hell.” She ate insects had violent outbursts, and drank her very own urine. Her deeply spiritual parents believed it was time. They started petitioning an exorcism to be performed by the Catholic Church, but were refused multiple times. It absolutely was 1973 and when the movie was launched, she happened to be showing the exact same behaviour in The Exorcist.

Father Ernst Alt believed she was suffering from demonic possession and met together with the young girl. Arnold Renz, he and another priest, were granted permission to do exorcism rituals. At that point, all clinical treatment, that was incredibly dangerous by itself was quit by Anneliese. She’d been on mood stabilizers, antipsychotics, and anti-seizure medications, and only suddenly quit taking them all. Anneliese proclaimed the names of a few of the demonic things placed inside her were Lucifer, and Nero, Hitler, Judas, Cain.

After two exorcisms weekly for nearly annually, on July 1, 1976, Anneliese Michel was discovered dead of starvation and intense hydration in her parents’ house. She just weighed 30 pounds and both her knees were broken.

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