5 Lady Necrophiliacs Story, It’s Horrible!

Leilah Wendell Is a Proud Advocate for Necrophiliacs

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Photo: Eyesplash – Summer was a blast, for 6 million view/flickr/CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

The most successful and infamous necrophiliac may be writer and historian Leilah Wendell. She runs a websitededicated to death, specifically the angel of death Azrael. Leilah Wendell specializes in educating people on the spiritual connection between the living and the dead. She romanticizes death and necrophilia and fully admits to being in love with the concept.

The painter and author is also the head of the American Association of Necrophilic Research and Enlightenment. She is known for discussing various ways of getting intimate with the dead. In a radio interview on WBAB, she admitted to breaking into mausoleums to perform everything but actual intercourse with the corpses. She explained the purpose of her necromancy rituals is to fondle and seduce the corpse in hopes of getting the spirit of death, Azrael, to come through it.

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