5 Lady Necrophiliacs Story, It’s Horrible!

Louise Vermilyea Was a Death-Obsessed Serial Poisoner

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Photo: Public Domain/via Crime Feed

Louis Vermilyea slaughtered 10 people in her lifetime and most of her victims were relatives, including two of her husbands and three of her children. Her contemporaries pitied her and thought it was a strange tragedy that her lovers and children kept dying around her, almost as though she was cursed.

Nope, not a curse. The horrific truth of the matter was she was poisoning people for insurance money and would then allegedly keep the bodies around to sexually satisfy herself. Though no necrophiliac activities were definitively proved, she had an obsession with morgues, corpses, and the local undertaker.

When this murderess (and possible incestuous necrophiliac) was finally busted on October 31, 1911 (appropriate timing), she tried to commit suicide with a large dose from her arsenic stash but failed, paralyzing herself instead.

Vermilyea never showed any signs of remorse for her actions and denied all charges, but the jury took pity on her because of her mental and physical state and set her free.

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