5 Lady Necrophiliacs Story, It’s Horrible!

Alisa Massaro Murdered Two Men So She Could Have a Threesome on Top of Their Bodies

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Photo: Will County, Illinois

On January 10, 2013, in Joliet, Illinois, 18-year-old Alisa Massaro planned to act on a morbid sexual fantasy with the help of her boyfriend Joshua Miner, 24, and their friends Bethany McKee, 18, and Adam Landerman, 19. The foursome lured 22-year-olds Eric Glover and Terence Rankins over, strangled them, robbed them, and then carelessly piled their bodies in a room in Massaro’s home. Landerman allegedly jumped up on the corpses in a ‘surfing motion’ which caused the bowels to empty out onto the floor.

Once McKee left the house, Adam Landerman and Joshua Miner decided to help Alisa act out her long-time necrophilic fantasy. They climbed onto the dead bodies and had a ménage à trois on top of them (though apparently it wasn’t very satisfying). The victims were missing for days before the police found them at Massaro’s house.

Miner, Landerman, and McKee were all found guilty of the double murders and were sentenced to life in prison. Massaro took a plea deal to lesser charges for concealing the homicide, and since she didn’t commit the murders and agreed to testify against her friends, she was given a 10-year prison sentence with the possibility of release after five years for good behavior.

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