5 Lady Necrophiliacs Story, It’s Horrible!


Necrophilia in its simplest form (yes, it gets more complex from here) is a sexual attraction to corpses. Now there are many different classifications of necrophiliacs, believe it or not. Some necrophiliacs only need to touch or caress a dead body, while fetishistic necrophiliacs take body parts like a finger or genitals to use for sexual purposes later, without fully engaging with the corpse as a whole. Romantic necrophiliacs are bereaved individuals who can’t part with their dead lover’s corpse. Necrophilic fantasizers or role-players get aroused by the thought of sex with the dead but would never actually do it, they simply pretend with living partners. And apparently, “opportunistic necrophiliacs” are a real thing. These are people who don’t have a true interest in necrophilia, but decide to randomly take advantage of the opportunity when it arises.

Now, 90% of necrophiliacs are men (as far as we know) so this means female necrophiles are a rare breed. But they do exist, and this list tells their stories.

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