36 Tree You Don’t See Everyday


Have you ever had one of those moments when you can’t help but say a silent “hell yeah” for a tree you see busting up through the sidewalk like a boss? Ever get the feeling that nature has once more triumphed when you see a bunch of foliage turning an abandoned house or car into its own personal planter? Well if so, then get ready for a glimpse of Mother Nature at her most badass in these overgrown tree pictures that prove trees just plain don’t give a hoot about your plans.

The funny, stubborn, and just plain angry trees you’ll meet here aren’t shy about the fact that they were here first and have no intention of leaving or getting out of the way just because someone decided to build a pesky building or put an intrusive park bench over them. Shrivel up and die? They don’t think so. These trees would much rather simply ignore your plans and destroy anything in their path. Here you’ll meet saplings that grew up to take revenge on that ancient temple someone built right in the path of their sunlight and trees who laugh in the face of signs who dare get in their way. You’ll even meet a few trees who are willing to move for no man, even if he happens to be dead and buried right on the spot they’d planned to grow over.

So scroll down to get a load of these trees that refuse to roll over and become a piece of notebook paper. They’ll show you what happens when nature decides it’s had enough and strikes back.

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