21 Completely Insane Festivals from Around the World

Penis Festival in Kawasaki, Japan

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According to legend, during the Edo period (1603-1867), a sharp-toothed demon fell in love with a woman who chose to marry a human man instead of him. The demon took up residence inside the woman’s vagina prior to her wedding night. When the happy couple tried to consummate their marriage, the angry demon took a huge bite out of the groom’s penis. After the woman remarried, the demon consumed yet another penis. So a local blacksmith made a steel phallus for her. The demon chomped down on the steel penis, lost all of his teeth, crawled out of her body, and ran off forever.

Now each spring Kawasaki, Japan, hosts Kanamara Matsuri, also known as the “Festival of the Steel Phallus.” Giant penis costumes and Shinto shrines parade through the streets as patrons stuff their mouths with penis-shaped popsicles and lollipops in celebration of fertility and safe sex practices. The festival dates back to the 17th century when prostitutes prayed at the Kawasaki Kanamara shrine for protection from sexually transmitted disease.

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