14 Ways Assassin’s Creed Misunderstands the Games

The Film Doesn’t Spend Enough Time in the Past

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If you’ve never played Assassin’s Creed and you went to see this film, there’s a good chance that you would think the game is actually about a Double Team-esque superjail where ex-cons who are also assassins (or something?) are kept so their memories can be used to find a piece of historical MacGuffin. While the games do spend some time in the present, that’s not what’s fun about them. The bulk of the games take place in the past and act as a kind of beat ’em up tourism for players who are never going to visit 16th century Italy, or the high seas, or any of the many iterations of the past that the games explore. By spending more than half of it run time in the present, the film steals the fun away from something that should be nothing but fun.

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