14 Ways Assassin’s Creed Misunderstands the Games

Assassin’s Creed Ignores the History of the Series

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The storyline that drives the entire Assassin’s Creed series is the timeless struggle between the Knights¬†Templar who want to control the world via magical items and the assassins who want to stop them. It’s the Empire vs. the Rebels, England vs. the Scots, the Mayor of Sunnydale vs. Buffy and the Scooby gang. There’s some discussion about the rivalry between the two factions, but it’s mostly swept under the rug in favor of watching Michael Fassbender parkour(!) his way around 15th-century Spain. It’s hard to know how much exposition to jam into a two-hour movie that’s already pretty talky, but this is the main thrust of the series and it should have been up front and center.

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