13 Epic Trump Business Failures List

Source: UFP News
Source: UFP News

With so many business ventures, a few of Donald Trump’s businesses were bound to go south. Sometimes, they went south only because of The Donald’s decisions, and other times, ventures went belly up but Trump claimed he’d only licensed his name. Whether he was calling the shots or just investing, we’ve compiled a list of Donald Trump’s failed businesses.

From an airline to two separate attempts at Trump board games, there are a number of epic business failures that Donald Trump has presided over or been involved in. Though he says he never once declared bankruptcy, the truth is that while he may not have personally done so, a number of his businesses have, and you’ll find them here. There are a number of Donald Trump business ventures you could look at and wonder how he could have possibly ever thought they were anything but laughable.

Trump Steaks? Trump Vodka? How about Trump Mortgage, launched right before the global 21st century financial meltdown? The most Trumpian belly flops in business history are all accounted for on this list!

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