12 Shocking Moments in Comic Book Films

the-mandarin-revealed-films-photo-u1One of the most interesting things that audiences expect from a film is a plot twist because it is shocking and it engages them. Comic characters have been around for more than a century, but only recently that they receive great focus in the film industry. Characters like Batman, Superman and Marvel’s superheroes seem to find a renewed position in Hollywood. Dogmatic principle within their storyline is already established, which makes it very difficult for filmmakers to try to figure out the best twist for their film’s plotline.

Technological advancements also further complicate the creation of plot twist. As a feature that distinguishes a good film from a bad one, plot twist must remain hidden until the film actually enter the cinema. This, obviously, is not always possible because technologies have allowed even the most confidential footage and shots to be leaked to public.

In a nutshell, only the best filmmakers can remain confident with putting a great twist in their comic film. And believe me, this confidence successfully boosts the quality and popularity of their films and make them truly worthy of acclaim. You can find the 11 most shocking plot twists in comic films below.

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