10 Times Lorraine and Ed Were Totally Frauds!

Werewolf Demon

Werewolf Demon is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list 10 Times Ed & Lorraine Warren Were Exposed as Total Frauds

Photo: Graymalkin Media

This is perhaps the most ludicrous case in the Warren roster: the couple, alongside Catholic bishops and retired police officers, exorcized the angry spirit of a werewolf from a man’s body. Sounds like a great episode of Supernatural, but it’s apparently one hundred percent true, at least according to the famous demonologists and their book (there’s always a book),¬†Werewolf: A True Story of Demonic Possession. This tome is wonderfully summed-up by Kirkus Reviews, in which the unnamed writer states, “Skeptics, please note the Warrens’ assurance that this is a ‘carefully documented’ case (they forgot to include the documentation, though).”

You can read an overview of this case in a blog post by Ritoban Mukherjee at Unexplained Mysteries, if you so choose. What is most interesting about this post, however, is that it both demonstrates the Warrens’ fraudulent nature and shows how blindly faithful and devoted believers of their work can be. Consider this passage: “The Warrens haven’t been able to produce any photos or material evidence. But the very presence of the famous demonologist couple, paranormal collector John Zaffis, and famous exorcist Bishop [Robert McKenna]¬†greatly increases the credibility.” Moreover, most resources touting the truthfulness of this case are blogs that love to gush on the Warrens. There are no articles devoted to debunking this one because it really debunks itself: man gets violent with some cops, blames a werewolf demon, has an exorcism, man is cured.

But it’s real! Because the Warrens are awesome and they don’t lie! Say it with me now: “The Warrens tell the truth, this I know / For the Warrens told me so.”

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