10 Times Lorraine and Ed Were Totally Frauds!

Snedeker Family Haunting

Snedeker Family Haunting is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list 10 Times Ed & Lorraine Warren Were Exposed as Total Frauds

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This case inspired the Hollywood film A Haunting in Connecticut, which Lorraine Warren reportedly detested for its “historical inaccuracy,” stating “It’s embarrassing. Do you know the amount of time and effort that we put into that case? Do you know how many meetings with the clergy we had to finally bring closure to the family?” (The Warrens are notoriously staunch Catholics, and most of their investigations centered around families of the same faith – which, for them is apparently the “one true faith,” if we’re to interpret Ed’s somewhat anti-Semitic remarks correctly.)

According to Lorraine, the REAL story of A Haunting in Connecticut involved the Snedeker family, who purchased a home for a knockout price and at a convenient location to the hospital, where their son was receiving treatment for cancer. Of course, it turns out the home’s perfection was too good to be true, as it was formerly a funeral home, where the morticians were rumored to have been caught in acts of necrophilia. This naturally meant the place was haunted, and the family began experiencing the usual strange sounds, demonic entities, possessions, and whatnot.

If this overall scenario sounds familiar, it should: it’s more or less the same narrative shaping The Amityville Horror and The Conjuring – family moves into house, is terrorized by demons. And like those cash cows, the Snedeker Hauntingcame with its own book, In a Dark Place: The Story of a True Haunting, which is credited as written by Ed and Lorraine Warren, Carmen Reed, Al Snedeker, and Ray Garton. The latter (a horror novelist) was hired by the Warrens to help shape the Snedeker’s narrative. According to Benjamin Radford, writing for Live Science, Garton told Horror Boundmagazine he “interviewed all the family members about their experiences, and soon realized that there was a problem: ‘I found that the accounts of the individual Snedekers didn’t quite mesh. They couldn’t keep their stories straight. I went to Ed [Warren] with this problem. “Oh, they’re crazy,” he said…”You’ve got some of the story – just use what works and make the rest up… Just make it up and make it scary.””

Moreover, according to investigator Joe Nickell in the June 2009 issue of Skeptical Inquirer, neighbors of the Snedeker family (as well as Garton again) attributed most of the paranormal happenings to the family’s serious drug and alcohol abuse. All signs seem to point less toward a family legitimately terrorized by an evil spirit, and more toward the Warrens trying to create another Amityville phenomenon.

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