10 Times Lorraine and Ed Were Totally Frauds!

Perron Family Case

Perron Family Case is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list 10 Times Ed & Lorraine Warren Were Exposed as Total Frauds

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This case was the basis for the hit 2013 film The Conjuring, though the Annabelle doll was related to a separate case. While certain events depicted in the film were exaggerated for the purposes of spectacle, Lorraine Warren and one of the daughters, Andrea Perron, both insist it was mostly accurate to real-life events. Problem is, outside sources insist otherwise, and have a fair amount of evidence to back up their claims.

Primarily, the current owner of the supposedly haunted/possessed house, Norma Sutcliffe, researched the history of her home and discovered many factual errors presented as truth by the Perron family, the Warrens, and subsequently the filmmakers behind The Conjuring (she also sued Warner Bros. due to an influx of trespassers following the film’s release). Sutcliffe and journalist Kent Spottswood produced a video detailing her research, which alleges – among other things – that the “witch” featured in the film, Bathsheba Sherman, was anything but, and that any Satanic worship, infant sacrifices, or general witchery was pure fabrication. Sutcliffe and Spottswood’s evidence is further detailed by Andy Smith in an article for the Providence Journal, and it is corroborated by J’aime Rubio on the investigative blog Dreaming Casually.

Much like the Lutzes, the Perron family (alongside the Warrens, of course) always maintained the veracity of their claims, and perhaps they truly encountered something unexplainable that terrified them. It should be clear, however, that at least some of the backstory surrounding their haunting is made-up.

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