10 Times Lorraine and Ed Were Totally Frauds!


Anabelle is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list 10 Times Ed & Lorraine Warren Were Exposed as Total Frauds

Photo: Felipe112233/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 3.0

One of the biggest issues with any case associated with the Warrens is that there is scant information concerning the hauntings outside what is provided by the Warrens – meaning that we are supposed to accept whatever facts are presented to us by the couple based on their word alone.

This is especially true with the Annabelle Doll case (adapted into the movie Annabelle in 2014, a prequel to The Conjuring, though the doll had nothing to do with the case upon which The Conjuring was based). According to Joseph Laycock in his article “The Paranormal to Pop Culture Pipeline,” “…a nursing student received a Raggedy Ann doll from her mother in 1970. When the doll exhibited strange behavior, a medium revealed that the doll was possessed by a dead woman named ‘Annabelle Higgins.’ The student and her roommate took compassion for the spirit and granted Annabelle permission to reside in the doll. However, when frightening incidents continued to occur, they contacted the Warrens, who declared that ‘Annabelle Higgins’ was actually a demon.”

The demonologists took the doll back to their museum and put in on display for safety’s sake. Encased in a glass cabinet with a cross over its head, the doll comes with a warning: “POSITIVELY DO NOT OPEN.” Before his death, Ed would apparently warn museum visitors that the last man to mock Annabelle ended up dying in a motorcycle crash, providing no names or evidence to this claim whatsoever. It’s a great little ghost story, but the Annabelle legend originates from the Warrens themselves (or, as Laycock points out, from a 1963 episode of The Twilight Zone, in which a woman named Annabelle gives her daughter a doll that comes to life and terrorizes the family).

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